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Aug 5

I’m a trans man who dislikes the tumblr social justice “trans* community”. Here’s a list of some of the things they say that I dislike and why


“But if you reject me based on my genitals that’s cisse-

People have preferences when it comes to genitalia of partners. That’s life, being rejected sucks but someone is not oppressing you by not being attracted to you. You come across an entitled baby by shaming someone for lacking in attraction to you. Stop crying about it, move on.

Die cis scu-

Does that phrase really solve anything? The first time people learn of the word “Cis” should not be after the word die. The phrase accomplishes nothing. Telling people to die is not ok. Justified anger or not. That phrase is the worse idea anyone can come up with. You’re not going to get anyone’s respect by telling them to die.

“Sex is a social constr- 

Anatomical sex is not a social construct. Sex is something that exists in nature, human females and males have different biological characteristics, that is reality. We evolved this way for the purpose of reproduction. (Ofcourse some people are born who don’t fit into the sex categories as neatly as others but that doesn’t negate the existence of biological sex).  Can we please put the sex social construct argument to a rest. It wont suddenly exist the more you say it.

“OMG not only women menstruate some men have va-

 I’ve seen this too many times. People derailing a post that has nothing to do with trans people and then making it about trans people. Trans people make less than 2% of the human population. Nobody is going to mention us every single time they talk about something. Seeing a post that says “girls have boobs” and feeling the need to mention how not all girls have boobs, is pointless, it accomplishes nothing and is honestly just plain annoying to see. Want to fight for trans rights? Well, instead derailing posts about women and abortions to add your two cents about how some people who aren’t women have abortions too, why don’t you instead focus on issues like trans people being forced to be sterilised in other parts of the world? Or the fact that trans people are raped and killed for simply existing in some other places? Or that some can be rejected jobs or housing just because they are trans? Focus your time on issues that actually matter instead of wasting time on tumblr derailing posts that have nothing to do with us and being a pain in the ass.